Yunong Shi Quantum engineer


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I am a 6th year graduate student, in the department of Physics, at the University of Chicago. I am in the quantum architecture group, under the supervision of Professor Fred Chong. My interests lie in:

In year 2018-2019, I was the QISE-NET fellow at IBM Yorktown Heights. I collaborated with Andrew W. Cross, Christopher Chamberland in the theory group on bosonic qubit architectures and Ali Javadi-Abhari in the Qiskit team on quantum compilation optimization and quantum verification.

I also contributed to ScaffCC, an industrial level quantum compiler developed in Chong lab. I designed and implemented the circuit optimization pass in ScaffCC and wrote the QAOA (Quantum Approximate Optimization Algorithm) library. I designed a new compiler backend that directly compiles circuits to continuous control pulses, which improves quantum circuit latency by 10X on average.

In summer 2017, I was the WJ Cody fellow in Argonne National Laborotary, collaborating with Paul Hovland in the PROVESA project. I used formal verification and model checking to faciliate the safe migration of large numerical softwares to new super computing architectures.



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